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John Edwards is coming tomorrow

IrishLaw's second favorite democrat1 is coming to Ohio State tomorrow to talk presumably about wealth-stratification, poverty, liberty, and the worst administration in the fifty years and why it should all be over soon.

Pictures and commentary after.
1Irish Law's first favorite Democrat is Joe Lieberman, who is actually, not a Democrat.

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Pryor gets appointed during Recess; Country inches closer to the abyss.

William Pryor, a man who hates the fact that you, and not the government, controls your body, and who is so insanely conservative that he indicted barnes and Noble for selling child pornography, is going to be a federal judge, at least for a little while. President-King George W. Bush II appointed Pryor during a recess of Congress because he couldn't even get Pryor through the normal lay-down-and-take-it US Senate this last term.

I'm so happy we're going to win this next election and make sure men like this stay out of power for a very very very long time. 
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All blinking cursors demand action

The sky is a bit menacing right now, and it's no doubt a signal that we're about to get our first batch of rain in a while. I'm happy that it will finally wash away the sludge that's piled up against the curb where my cark is normally parked. I've defeated whatever ailed me earlier in the week. I've just poured eight sugars into my coffee.

Except for the balance of my bank account everything is going just fine.  
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Some really great pictures of what's going on in San Francisco. 
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If you're arguing against gay marriage, this is a weird finding to use in support of your point:

QUOTE "One of the best predictors of whether a child will grow up in poverty, use drugs and turn to crime is whether or not his parents are married." --"Teen Moms," Wall Street Journal, A14, 8 May 1998 END QUOTE

I would think this quote would tend to show that providing stability -- i.e. marriage -- is important. And I'm Not The One Arguing Against Someone's Right To Marry. And furthermore, IL, I don't dispute that two-parent families have stability statistics on their side but you've yet to show how adding another subset of two parent families will "undermine the ideal of monogamous heterosexual marriage." But that's because you can't show that gay marriage will undermine heterosexual marriage because [1.] it won't and [2.] it's an incredible leap of logic to argue that adding choice (chocolate or vanilla ice cream) makes one of the choices (vanilla ice cream) less ideal.

But, I understand that you're having a tough time defending your position, as it's always difficult to defend inequality and unfairness.  
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a moose killed my sister, no realli!

Tonight we bowled. Or at least Monica Weber did, really really well. Otherwise I was catching up on the sleep I missed last night while I was sniffling away. I felt pretty active in Employment Law today too especially right after the exchange where Brudney said he hated to break it to me that the law, amongst employers and employees, was not ideal and I said that that was okay "as long as he doesn't say that Santa Clause doesn't exist."

I guess it's a big day in that Howard Dean left the race for President about two weeks before I had the chance to vote for him. I left my 1 pm study group to listen to his consession speech but it wasn't noteworthy. And like Geidner, it's on to Edwards.

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If IrishLaw likes John Edwards, maybe I should support him less.

Also, Steve P. and IrishLaw? The probability that your professor is reading your webpage is 95%.

Also also, there was a lot of good crazy fun circular logic about gays and procreation today over at IL.

"Same-sex marriage would be detrimental to society because it would further undermine the ideal of monogamous heterosexual marriage, which is an ideal in large part because it provides - empirically - the best environment for raising kids, and actually makes the man and woman involved better off, too - empirically - in most cases. " (emphasis added.)

Or in other words, "Chocolate ice cream would be detrimental to society because it would further undermine the ideal of delicious vanilla ice cream, which is an ideal in large part because it provides - empirically - the best environment for yummy ice cream flavoring, and actually makes you much happier than before you had ice cream at all - empirically - in most cases."

Or in other other words, "Homosexuality is bad because I BELIEVE it would erode normal heterosexual marriage, which I BELIEVEis the best kind of marriage because it makes two people really happy!"

Or in other other other words, "I get to decide who can have liberty, I mean ice cream, or not!!!"

Huzzah! I thought most Irish catholics were supposed to be liberal like the rest of my family and most of the rest of Massachusetts. Oh well.

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I will do it; I can do it nine times

Justice Breyer is known to cover up his forehead and rest his chin on his other hand while listening to oral arguments. (I know because I googled a bunch of that stuff and remember now that it's a Dahlia Lithwick observation.) I have to do the same thing right before 3pm Employment Law -- as part of some sort of ritualistic stretching/spasm type deal along with covered up yawns to fight of the mighty mighty circadian rhythm X. (Clicking on Circadian Rhythm will take you to the Journal of Circadian Rhythms, published by OSU; and clicking on X will bring you to Rhythm X's homepage. Go Rhythm X. And here's an interesting defintion of "Circadian Rhythm" which does not actually report what I'm convinced of, and that's that my rhythm says 3 pm is nappy time.)

Oh, my god you're still reading! Tonight Wisconsin comes back with election returns which will in all likelihood annoint John Kerry as the Democratic Party nominee, even though we're now two-weeks from Super Tuesday. I saw a teenage girl at Easton Town Center last weekend with a Howard Dean t-shirt on. Well, good for her. First, a teenage girl wearing normal clothes at Easton Town Center is not worthy, and second, any younger than 68 year old who is interested in politics should be celebrated. By me. On this website. Especially if they want to take back the country.

Hey did you spot the link to the Toles Cartoon up there? Here look at this other Toles' Cartoon, making fun of W!

Okay, I'm in a weird enough mood to just end this post with out completing a rational  
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A swirl you could get lost in.

There are now seven of us. So if you want to get the scoop on everyone's take on my Moritz-Blogging GuidelinesR you have to get clicking, but generally Chris, Law v. Life, and MLS had nice things to say.

And Chris, Podraza, IrishLaw, and I round out the internet use discussion. 
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Internet use in the classroom

First, read Podraza's take.

I no longer have the ability to check anything internet related in the classroom. My Orinoco Silver card has stopped transmitting the signals it's getting from the network to my computer. That's the reason I only use my computer for Commercial Law where I simply need the ability to take notes as quickly as possible. Otherwise I'd rather just carry around a notebook, like I do to Employment Law and Advanced Crim.

Ok, so I don't have a dog in this fight anymore. I'm not going to be IMing people either way, and unlike Podraza, FreeCell bores me. The only problem I have with extraneous computer use in class is that it cuts down on participation because fewer people are paying attention. So in classes where you're going to have policy debates, I think it's not too hideous to ask students to refrain.

But, what I do not agree with, and will oppose strongly is any attempt by the administration to actually cut off the wireless web during classroom instruction. For one, it will kill the network for those who are waiting for class to start just hanging out with their friends. Second, it affects way too many people for a barely-existent problem. Third, it runs counter to our school's advertising to prospective students that our network is always up and running. And finally, I agree with Podraza's liberty / autonomy argument about how at this point in our lives if we want to waste our time playing Minesweeper or Yahoo!Golf, and pay the faculty to keep us company while we do then that's our prerogative. 
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So you want to be a Moritz blogger . . .

Look, we all had our suspicions this would start multiplying. Now everyone is blogspot this or blogspot that. Everyone chose a sample template and has yet to substantially alter it. No one has purchased their own URL or webspace (except for Mr. Shecket).

Remember when you and your three friends had this little place you would go to on Friday and Saturday nights because it was real chill and all of a sudden it got really freaking crowded and popular for no reason other than its own popularity? That's this whole Moritz blogger thing right now. So, Mr. and Mrs. Two-L who wants to blog here is the deal if you wanna hang with the cool kids.

First of all you can't look exactly like each other. I'm pointing at you Harmless Error and Mediocre Law Student. One of you has to switch colors, or typefaces, or something.

Second, you have to be distinctive. I am distinctive because I was first, and because zipsix.com is not a "law students blog" because it started when I wasn't a law student. This webpage is an online journal which occasionally talks about law relating things but is mostly about the sphere of things that occurs around me from day to day. Law v. Life is distinctive because she was our first anonyblogger, and she writes about her love-interests and community service and in-classroom thoughts. Law Dork is distinctive because its run by our resident-overachiever Chris Geidner, and focuses substantively on legal, political and media-related issues. It also breaks Moritz-blogging related news, indexes all our sites, and is a bizarrely comforting puke-green color. Shecket's a 1L who is keeping all his classnotes online and posts several times a day in little quippy vignettes (sp?). His page also went from totally-unreadable to marginally-unreadable because he toned the font size down from 72point to 48 point. If you like scrolling, you'll love Shecket. I'm poking at Mike because he declared my site to be the "Slowest-Loading Page in History."

Third, you have to link to at least ten other websites, and you should at least link to the four of us who preceded you. Why? Because.

Fourth, you should show some interest in learning HTML. You're typing in a format that lets you do some fantastic things, if you learn them. Why not at least try? Typing into blogger, hitting "Post & Publish" and calling it a day is like writing a symphony for the first violins and a triangle player. See how my text scrolls over the background pentagon? That's art, baby!

Fifth, you should oppose the administration committees attempt to impose Exam Software on you. Because the smart people here do :) , and you have a mouth piece from which to sound the student body's voice onto the members of the faculty who may be listening.

Sixth, if you're going to be Moritz land's avowed conservative student blogger voice, be prepared for a discussion. I'm a little testy these days and I like to protect my territory.  
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Instead of spreading my love around like a turn-of-the-century Parisien, I stayed indoors on Valentines Day trying to slumber away my fourth bout of sickness since this winter started. It's the Most Sick Season EverTM. I was really punishing myself on Friday by going out but it was a rare occasion worthy of celebrating. And finally by today, when I'm on tylenol, I feel okay enough. If you've heard of the "jobless recovery" then I'm having the bizarrely analogous "phlegmless sickness" which is manifesting itself in swelling and other bizarre ailments.

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